Sundays at Harvest


Casual Atmosphere
Please dress comfortably as we want you to feel at home.  You’re welcome to grab a hot cup of coffee in the fellowship kitchen and sit wherever you’d like and socialize in the fellowship area! If you want to take coffee into the sanctuary during service, please have a seal-tight lid.

Kids are always welcome!

Biblical Teaching & Authentic Worship
Jesus, the Son of God is why we are here.  We believe the Bible is the Word of God. We teach from the Bible which will help you to grow in your walk with Christ, which is life-changing. Our praise is a celebration of our Lord Jesus as part of worship. Worship is personal and important in our love when we are joined together with one another and is a powerful and blessed experience. We enjoy the freedom to praise our Lord Jesus and Heavenly Father.

Loving People
We welcome you, please feel at home and know the doors are always open and the coffee pot is always on. If there are any special needs please let us know.